RS-YS1500 hydraulic mill roll stand

*Max.diameter of reel paper :¢1500mm
*Expirt width :1400mm-2200mm
*Reel paper lift-low hydraulic pressure .feeding paper quickly
*Reel paper strain adjustment adopts pneumatic brake .the final adopts taper style or bulge style .
Shaftless Electrical Mill Roll Stand

The operations of lifting up or lowering down, clamping, loosen-ing, moving and centering of raw paper are all electrically con-trolled.
■ This machine applies manual braking for tension adjustment of raw paper with operational pneumatic braking.
■ Max. diameter of raw paper: φ1500mm.
■ Width of clip paper: 600-1600mm, 600-1800mm.
■ This machine adopts the cycloid motor for clamping and lifting up or lowering down, which can effectively protect the machine from damaging when the clip paper arm overweighs or touches the ground.

Mill Roll Stand(Weld Type)

Function characteristics:
◆ Max.diameter of reel paper:φ1500mm
◆ Expiry Width:1400mm-1800mm-2000mm
◆ Reel paper lift-lower,clamp,loosen,movement,contraposition,operated by motorize
◆ Reel strain control by manual brakes or pneumatic brakes.The finial adopts taper style or bulge style

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