Purpose and Characteristics:
◆ Design Speed: 80m/min
◆ Effective width: 1400mm-2200mm
◆ Corrugated roller:φ280mm
◆ Drive reducer box with oil immersed type lubricating to reduce noise keep running stable. adopt gimbal transmission. separate power.
◆ Corrugating roller, pressure roller and glue roller by pneumatic adjustment.
◆ Cardboard transmit adopt vacuum suction method, with wind control system. keep flute profiles stable of the lower-roller in the condition of running up.
Bearing of corrugated and pressure roller adopt high temperature lubricate grease.
◆ Glue parts auto supply glue circularly.
◆ The upper-lower corrugating roller are made of 48CrMo high quality alloy steel, after heat-treatment. The hardness HRC58°-60°,the surface be grinded.
◆ The glue part surface are treated by special mesh snicked and chromeplated.
◆ Motorized or manual glue width dividing to match the paper width.
◆ Glue part can be running independently or non-independently while stopped. Adopt main motor frequency conversion control. (optional)

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