This semi-automatic production line combined with stand for wind paper,corrugation marchine and paper cutting marchine,withch can continuously produce all size of single side corrugated paper,It has some characterstics such as advanced process,high effiency,available to production in large amount, ,It’s a satisfied dquipment for small,middle paper-board box company to improve technology
this kind single facer is mainly used in small size corrugated factory.
1. Introduction paper, powerfull fan, to center air source and electric control in one operating counter,
2. Corrugated roller is alloy steel, if quenching, gringding surface and plating chrome.
3. Surface of pressure roller treated with milling and plating chrome.
Technical parameters:
1. corrugated roll material 45CrMo,
2. plating chrome surface strength:HRC55-60 .
3. motor power 7.5 2.
4. Standard flute type: E flute height 1600mm, UVtype.
5. External dimensions 3000×1600×2600mm
6. Designed speed: 90m/min, economic speed: 60 m/min
7. Weight: about 3.2MT

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