The head of machine consist of electromagnetic clutch and electromagnetic brake, it is characterized with quick repercussion and low noise. All of the parts in this machine have functional interchangeability. Besides, it has many advantages over the old-fashioned ones such as novel appearance, fast action, smooth operation, low noise, pitch tight and service life long. Especially, the main components are made precision machining by imports of alloy steel, under nomal circumstances, the life of the machine is 3-5 times longer than the common carton stapler. Over a long-term produciton and use,it has won great ccclaim from the consumers, so it is the advanced equipment for carton packaging production.
Speed: 400 stitching/minute
Stitching thcikness: 3,5 layer corrugated cardboard
Stitching mode: 45 degree double oblique stitching
Width of nail: 13mm
Flat wire specifications: 17#
Operation height: 1.2m
Power: 0.55kw

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