It can stitch single nail, double nail, strengthen nail completed in one time, can be suitable for different kinds of customer requirements of nails.
It can be changed size quickly in one minute, can be operated easily and not had to experience.
High speed semiauto stitching carton machine (double pice) SDJ-3000  
This machine can do single stitching, double stitching and strong sthtching.
Stitching distance: 30-120mm, auto count the stitching distance and adopt the imported motor.
Adopt eview brand touching screen.
Adopt siemens PLC and electric, the photoelectric swich is Korean AUTONICS.
High speed semiauto stitching carton machine BDJ-3000  
DX series carton stapling machine ispainstaking designed by combing the advantages of the same products at home and abroad which has the advantages such as novel appearance,gentle movement,stable operation,firm stapling and long service life.
The head of machine consist of electromagnetic clutch and electromagnetic brake, it is characterized with quick repercussion and low noise. All of the parts in this machine have functional interchangeability. Besides, it has many advantages over the old-fashioned ones such as novel appearance, fast action, smooth operation, low noise, pitch tight and service life long.
Heavy tpe high speed carton stitcher GDJ-1400/1800  

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