rotation type slot die-cutting machine

Purpose and characteristics
1. rotray-cutting slotting machine is my factory pressure in the circle round and slotting machine based on the useof their respective advantages of developing superir product.,soft cut by the end ofshaft(aboutauto-shifting),and imports cutting knife pad(circular pressure the use of the talents of round plastic)carton athome and abroad is a new type of mechanical product,
2.this is the cardboard boxes in the main production precesses canbe cardboard pressure,groving cutaway,driling,aone-time die-forming hand-clasping(special –shaped cardboard boxes ,carton exception)
3.aircraft imported gifted of the blade arc(yuen yuen presureto use the talents of plastic),which after processing the cardboard knifesmooth,achieving cutaway,grooving no burr,burr
4 its characterics are: the work of cutting knife around the bottom axis automatic shify,rotraying cutting automatic transperation ,the incision daogen not repeat and imporove knife padline
5 aircaft mainly important productquality,with palpable box machine ,a round circle pressure comparable to the production of cardboard boxes,but to savehigher plate fees,andmore imporoved safety factory
6 aircraft used spray lubrication of the transmission gear all playarole lubrecation
7.the cutting slotting machine and the original use of sotting machine as simple.

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