automatic gluer consist of three part which is feeding paper part,glue folding part and counting piling part,adjust the speed by digital,micro-adjust the phase by computer,with simple quick reliable and precise controlling style,automatic feeding paper.
automatic gluer  
Semi-automatic gluer is niw-sype enviromental equiment,mainly used in carton sticking,abandon the traditional copper stapling method,raised the productivity,and the product quality is good.
Semi-automatic Gluer  
The Folder Gluer of the JWD series mainly is apply in colourful print the cardboard box, the paper box of pack the business enterprise to glue to match the work preface.Because currently the local overwhelming majority packing business enterprise in the guler of the complicated and special paper box and the tile cardboard box synthesizes a work prefaceses to all use the pure handicraft
Semi-automatic Folder Gluer 1800  
Change the size quickly in one minute.
Operation easy,request no experience.
Min. adhibiting size of width plus height of paper box is about 240mm.
TS2800 Auto-proofread Box-adhibiting Machine  

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