FMY series automatic laminating machine features a unique front extension spring design reduces the mechanical regulation failure rate, with the intelligent control to ensure accurate positioning fit. This machine adopts frequency control, PLC centralized control, analog-digital conversion, operation and precise control. Glue roller design in the high roller with knurled uniform coating greatly improved the uniformity, improved lamination strength, reduced customer production costs. Steel roll through balanced and tested to meet the tight assembly process to effectively improve the mechanical stability, combined with the main transmission using timing belt drive, direct suction bottom paper feed tray, effectively improve the mechanical accuracy and speed of operation. automatic level control system, laminating machine, automatic glue on the cycle, greatly reducing the labor intensity. Independently developed a strong feeder paper feeding device accompanied by the pre-code, reduce downtime, improve work efficiency. This machine is suitable for 200-450GSM glossy paper with A, B, C, D, E, F wave and three-and five cardboard (maximum thickness ≤ 8 mm) fit.
Technical parameters

Model FMY-1300 FMY-1400
Maximum paper size 1300×1100mm 1400×1100mm
Minimum paper weight 350×350mm 350×350mm
Maximum machine speed 6000Sheet/h 6000Sheet/h
Total Power 12kw 12kw
Lamination precision ≤±1.5mm ≤±1.5mm
Mechanical length 12.5m 12.5m
Machine weight 6.8T 7.2T

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